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At Minuteman Press Bakersfield, we have every copying facility you could possibly need - from beautiful, rich color copying, through to highly economical, high volume black & white copying. And unlike most copying centers, at Minuteman Press Bakersfield, there is no disk access fee! This means cheaper copying, all round.


With the increasing volume of leaflets, reports and other printed material competing for your readers' attention; it is absolutely critical that your documents stand out. The hours and dollars you spend preparing your print materials are wasted, if you can't attract and hold the reader's attention. And the best way to make your message stand out? Print in color.

The good news is that Digital color copying and printing has revolutionized the printing industry. You can now have full color output for even the smallest print quantities, without the expense and technical detail of full color offset
printing. We use only state of the art equipment, with full digital capability. In fact, we can even do short runs of your business cards!


Black and white copying is still the most effective and economical means of presenting your ideas on paper. With the latest advances in copier technology, you can now get output quality that's comparable to offset printing. Offset printing is generally required when you want absolutely the best quality possible or for larger volumes. We support copying onto a variety of stocks. We can work with both paper and digital originals. Our digital copiers are fully networked, which enables copies to be produced directly from your original file (which you supply on disk, or upload to our file transfer site), without any loss of quality.

Big Job? No Problem.

Your office copy machine is good for some projects, but it's probably not equipped for high-volume automated copying. At Minuteman Press Bakersfield, our equipment can handle a multitude of jobs, no matter how large or complex - from two-sided copies and multicolor covers, to thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of reproductions of a business proposal. We'll even help you decide which paper color and texture is best suited to the image you want to portray.

Whether you need one copy or 100,000 or more, our highly experienced copy department can help you. Our commitment to quality and speed will get your jobs done when you need them.

After all, your deadline is our deadline!